Monday, December 13, 2004

Someone Smart Said It Before The Election

I think it was a sporadic poster to this blog said:

Eff John McCain! Why do Democrats pretend like they need him anyway? He ain't done one thing that warrants any respect paid! But they all have to run around and act like he matters. Eff him!

This article just demonstrates why one feels justified in saying so. Yes, he has no confidence in Rumsfeld, but he's not going to call for his resignation. Why? Because he thinks it's the President's right to have as many total effin' losers in the cabinet as the President darn well feels like. Hey, sure, he sits on a Senate committee that has oversight, but exercising part of his authority would just be oh so partisan. What a jerk. Hey John! People are dying and the mission - as they say - is in trouble and you have some modicum of power to do something about it. Why not use it? Saying you have no confidence without acting on it when you have the opportunity to do so makes you look like a backsliding fork tongued politico, not the outspoken maverick reformer we are all supposed to love in spite of ourselves. There is a pot on which you are seated, and there is a choice to be made.