Thursday, November 04, 2004

Hedonia, or "What would our country look like if the Northeast seceded?"

Just a little device for the Democratic party to use as it reconstructs itself. Just forget that 51%, stop pandering to them, and steal their good ideas (for instance, in the "ownership society," the Democrats would own their ideas, not rent them from intellectual slumlords). Then once we've decided what the problems are, how we intend to solve them, and how we're going to communicate them, then--THEN--we can once again engage the majority.

And I'm with jayinbmore--until then, tell them to stay the eff out of our lives.

Now I'll break one of the bloggers' ten commandments: Thou Shalt Not Post An IM, You Lazy Bastard.

Someoneelse: For a while I was devising ways for the district to succeed from the union, but I'm starting to enter the acceptance phase.
disappearingink: hahaha! I'm all for secession. Did you see that nice, contiguous blue block of states in the Northeast?
Someoneelse: All the borders were conveniently touching. Would make for a tidy, new republic.
disappearingink: What will we call it? We could take a note from Alan Keyes and call it "Hedonia."
disappearingink: 1000 square miles of rampant atheism, homosexuality, weak-kneed pacificism, and much worse. what fun!
disappearingink: our official language could be French, and our flag could be plain white.
Someoneelse: A blue utopia, with taxes on everyone... even the rich!
disappearingink: Yes, 50% flat tax, with a little box you can check that says, "I'm so rich, and I like taxes so much, that I'm going to pay 80%."
Someoneelse: I'm telling you, I think we may be on to something. I was thinking Canada but this is much more convenient.
disappearingink: And our capital won't be in the contiguous blue states. Hollywood. Michael Moore Secretary of Fine Arts.
disappearingink: Tommy Chong, Secretary of Health and Human Services.
Someoneelse: Obviously most of our country (at least 51%) is residing in a parallel universe. It's time we created one of our own!
Someoneelse: And in this country, Clinton can be president... again!
disappearingink: Wow, what a liberal heaven!
Someoneelse: I don't know why I didn't start thinking outside the box (and the 50 states) before.
disappearingink: I think it's a worthwhile heuristic starting point for the Democratic party to begin rebuilding itself: "What would our country look like if the Northeast seceded?"
Someoneelse: For all intents and purposes, it's where they should probably start.