Thursday, October 07, 2004

Is It Really So Strange?

So in yesterday's Howler, our man Somerby(who I missed on Steiner the other day - anyone who's got a link to audio of it should plz post in comments, because it appears WYPR doesn't do archives) took a shot at Wonkette. I find this interesting, because I would have thought he would have gotten the joke better than anyone. Wonkette's stuff is generally full of pointless garbage and trash talk, but is right out front with everything other news outlets only insinuate. In other words, I figured Wonkette(and the drinking games especially) was a perfectly logical response to (and outgrowth of) exactly what the Howler has been documenting - the utter and complete downfall of discourse, both in the press and in politics. In some sense I thought that the Howler and Wonkette are two sides of the same critical coin - one documents the atrocities with disgust, the other amps up the volume on the current state of affairs to show what it will look like if discourse continues it's current trajectory.

Then I realized it's not so strange after all. The Howler folks actually GIVE A SHIT, and Wonkette doesn't. DUH. So we're takin' Wonkette off the blogroll, because we ain't got time for people who don't give a shit. Of course, this won't effect anyone's traffic, but it's a statement anyway.