Tuesday, March 21, 2006

H for Heh

I really wasn't trying to get into this, but Oliver Willis points to a review of "V For Vendetta" in which the writer doubles himself into knots attempting to prove that the movie is some form of Liberal Pro-Terror Propoganda (and that it's anti-Christian and anti-Conservative and anti-Bush to boot). This is, of course, a typical symptom of the "Offended Winger Syndrome" wherein said Winger gets all knicker-twisted over something which has nothing to do with them. I gotta ask the reviewer, "Why ya'll gotta take everything so personal?" It's a movie about a guy in a goofy mask who tries to blow up near-future Nazis. It's not the Wachowskis fault this guy thinks they're talking about him.

Also, the comment thread is truly delicious, containing as it does gems like this:
Like Fahrenheit 911, it reinforces the Left's skewed view of reality.
Uhm, how exactly does a work of fiction reinforce a view of reality (unless of course one can't separate reality from fiction)? Oh. Gotcha.

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