Thursday, February 09, 2006

President Meets Metallic Double

President George Bush was pushed to the end of his rope today when confronted by his bronzy doppelganger. Much like a German Shepherd gazing into a mirror, the leader of the free world stared uncomprehendingly at his own metallic image for nearly forty awkward minutes. Finally nervous handlers intervened, leading Potus away scratching him behind the neck and assuring him he's a good boy.

No one is quite sure what Bush was thinking. One camp is sure there was elation, "With this new race of hansom bronze supermen, no one will stand before the might of the U.S. of A!" Others noted his deeply furrowed brow and the odd whining sound he was making and assumed the worst, "Ack, my copper doppelganger will destroy us all and none will know his cold burnished gaze is not mine own! Quickly, to the hydrofoil!"


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