Sunday, January 15, 2006

living wage

Whoa! Huge feature in the New York Times on the living wage movement.

What's good about this for the left politically is that it's a simple concept with a moral engine. There is a decent argument against a living wage, but it's complicated to explain to the general public. The idea that someone working full time should not live in poverty is simple, intuitive, and appealing.

It's just like the right's gay marriage argument. The argument for gay marriage is (shouldn't be, but is) complicated for the general public, who is used to thinking of marriage as a man and a woman. The argument against it is simple, intuitive, and appealing.

In the article, Jen Kern, who researched living wage for ACORN, says, "This is what moves people to the polls now. This is our gay marriage."

So has the left got something here?

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