Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I Always Liked Dustin Hoffman Better Anyway...

So Woodward knew more about TurdBlossomGate than he was letting on. The lesson here is one Somerby keeps trying to teach us: We can't have an honest press corps - and thus honest discourse - when the top members of that press corps care more about their privileged status than they do about being straight with the public.

On the whole baseball front, I think the following passage is somewhat telling:

William Jeffress Jr., one of Libby's lawyers, said yesterday that Woodward's testimony undermines Fitzgerald's public claims about his client and raises questions about what else the prosecutor may not know. Libby has said he learned Plame's identity from NBC journalist Tim Russert.

"If what Woodward says is so, will Mr. Fitzgerald now say he was wrong to say on TV that Scooter Libby was the first official to give this information to a reporter?" Jeffress said last night. "The second question I would have is: Why did Mr. Fitzgerald indict Mr. Libby before fully investigating what other reporters knew about Wilson's wife?"

This leads me to think maybe this new development is more defensive strategery than it is anything else.

Update (See Also Dept): Marc Cooper pulls far more "Wooden" puns than are healthy for a soon-to-be New Media star. But he makes a good point anyway.

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