Monday, June 13, 2005

It's Not Really That Funny, Is It?

Last night, while taking in a beer and burger with the recently returned from his undisclosed international location (and our very own) disappearingink, I caught the tail end of some cartoon called "American Dad" on the bar TV. Now forgive me if this is late news to everyone who actually gets TV reception, but it was a little terrifying. It was a satire on our current propensity for detainment facilities, and ended with a joke shot of the American Dad in one of the infamous Abu Gharib poses. I thought to myself "ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?"

It's on an effin' cartoon being joked about, but somehow I can be all fat and drunk and happy laughing at it, while this terrifying anti-American crap is STILL GOING ON. I know, I'm a big fuddy-duddy liberal who just wants to be a downer, waive his finger like mean ol' grandma, and tell all the South Park Republicans when it's appropriate to laugh. (If that were really the case, you'd think I'd delete the post 2 down from this one, but I haven't, so maybe I'm not such a matronly old stick in the mud). Anyway, with that, I offer a link to Democracy Arsenal's 10 Reasons To Close Gitmo.

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