Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Wither Grazing?

This is sort of for Benn.

I'm just curious. At least once a week I read that the Moose "grazes in the political center" - normally in the midst of some ass-lick pean to John McCain's maverick ability to, on rare occaisions, be sensible when everyone else is being blatantly partisan. So why no comment on the virtual march we posted about yesterday? It's got all the markings of something that should make the Moose galumph (yeah, I checked, it's a word) in glee: military guys from both parties engaging in a bipartisan effort to further national greatness, and John McCain going against party line based on - wonder of wonders - evidence. Should be just his cup of warm milk. Oh well. Better to fantasize and (this section deleted because we're not the The Rude One) about what McCain could do than acknowledge something actually being done.

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