Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Get Bent

Ahem. Jerk really oughtta name some effin' names and stop engaging in the "some on the left" libel. Naomi Klein doesn't count, because he missed the entire point of her article. Ramsey who? Or the other guy who's name I forget - Ward something? For having "left the left" for fame and fortune amongst the power-elite, he sure likes to pretend he still lives in the Pacifica ghetto. Hitchens really is becoming Horowitz. Here's a memo for our fearless contrarian intellectual: Just because people don't say "I hate fanatical Islam" often enough for your liking doesn't mean they're in league with it. By this very same logic, "some on the neo-conservative right" are complicit in the state(Texas) sponsored murder of innocent American citizens. Yeah, this means Hitch. More plainly, one anti-death penalty piece a year does not cancel out the support you give the man who carried out those murders. Heal thyself, or at least get some coffee.

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