Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Well the moderates got 'round the table and yanked the iron out of the fire. Good for them! Bipartisanship saves the day and the center is truly holding! I was wondering, though, why this particular compromise is a good deal. Wasn't it the Conventional Left Wisdom that Brown was a lunatic? And didn't they just agree to give her an up or down vote thereby ensuring her confirmation? Maybe I should have a cup of coffee and think on it first - but that's sure what it sounds like. I will say I'm glad about one thing however. This little bit of parlimentary theatre is over and done with and the phrase "nuclear option" can take it's rightful place next to "Travelgate" in the dustbin of history. Now we can get back to the people's business.

Update: Kos has the, erm, realists take on the positives.

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