Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Better Late Than Never

12thharmonic passed us a meme and I totally missed it! Sorry I'm late. I invite all RUFNKM staff to post their own responses.

The High Fidelity Meme
Top Five Lyrics that move your heart

  1. "Peking Spring" - Mission of Burma

  2. "Greeetings To The New Brunette" - Billy Bragg

  3. "Gimmie Danger" - Iggy and the Stooges

  4. "Good Morning Heartache" - Billie Holiday(the later version off "Lady Sings The Blues", I think)

  5. "At Home He's A Tourist" - Gang of Four

Top Five Instrumentals

  1. "Kaz Hayashi '01" - Oxes

  2. "Ry Cooder" - Tortise

  3. "Expressway To Your Heart" - Booker T. and the M.G.'s

  4. "The Loop" - DJ Krush

  5. "Ocean Beach" - The Mermen

Top Five Live Music Experiences

  1. Ride at the Edge in Palo Alto, CA 1991 (Stop chuckling. They effin' ruled you and your mom. You had to be there.)

  2. Oxes at the Ottobar in Baltimore 2005

  3. Battles at the 2003 Hampden Street Fair(or whatever it was called)

  4. Slint at the 9:30 in Washington, DC 2005(no, I didn't see the OG Slint because they never toured the west coast, at least as far as I am aware)

  5. Yo La Tengo at Bottom of the Hill, SF CA 1999

Top Five Artists You Think More People Should Listen To

  1. Oxes

  2. Lungfish

  3. Dark Water Transit

  4. Battles

  5. Uncle Shake

Top Five Albums You Must Hear From Start to Finish

  1. "Coltrane" - John Coltrane Quartet

  2. "New Day Rising" - Husker Du

  3. "Perfect Prescription"(Original version) - Spacemen 3

  4. "White Light/White Heat" - Velvet Underground

  5. "The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society" - The Kinks

Top Five Top Five Musical Heros

  1. Sterling Morrison

  2. James Taylor

  3. John Fahey

  4. Marc Ribot

  5. Billie Holiday

I pass this to the Shank, eebmore, Seadragon, Price and Snay.

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