Thursday, March 17, 2005

When are we going to learn?

"When are we going to learn?" I had the unfortunate luck to wake up to Senator Trent Lott, with the accent that seems to drive me nuts lately, speaking these words in regard to drilling for oil in ANWR.

His position is that we need to drill for our own oil in Alaska: "What scares me the most is, what if the OPEC countries decided, ‘We’re going to cut the [oil] supply dramatically? ... America would be on its knees in 30 days. We cannot have that."

No Trent, we can not have that. But the answer, you effin' hillbilly, is not to ruin Alaska for 6 months worth of oil. The answer is to develop, or to allow the release of, non-oil based technologies. Let's end Americas heroin-esque addiction to oil and concentrate on all the clean, renewable energies available to us.

When ARE we going to learn?

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