Thursday, March 03, 2005


Via Wonkette we learn January 26th was apparently "Capture An Illegal Immigrant Day" for the Young Conservatives of Texas. Oddly enough - and although it went unreported here(see below for why) - January 26th was also RUFNKM's "Slap A Dingbat Rich Kid Bigot Upside The Head" day. Unfortunately we didn't get many pictures. We all spend our wednesdays working for a living so we didn't have a whole lot of time to devote to such inflammatory gestures. Also, we had trouble getting a readable font for the t-shirts with "Dingbat Rich Kid Bigot" on the front and "Slap Me Upside My Head If You Can" on the back. When we finally did overcome our difficulties(around 9pm), we discovered only one person we knew wanted to wear the damn shirt and when they were hit on the head something like 20 times, they got sick of it and went to the bar to get drunk. Oh well. Wish us better luck next year!

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