Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Supreme Court Season!!!!!

When the supreme court announced yesterday that it was cruel and unusual to execute people who had committed capital crimes as youth, NPR 's Nina Totenberg reports, Justice Scalia dissented from the bench. The decision, he said, makes a mockery of the framers of the constitution. Arguments that the framers deserve to be occasionally mocked notwithstanding,

Ignoring arguments that the framers deserve occasional mockery, and that the decision reasonable and takes us down the road to more humane criminal justice, I ask the following question: which is a bigger mockery, the aforementioned or the one that the Scalia's side of the court made of the both the constitution and the American electorate when they crowned George W Bush president in 2000? Jes' wondrin'.

Stay tuned...they're talking about the Ten Commandments today.

Update(from jay):Sysyphus Shurgged has a post on this topic using more of Scalia's rhetoric on other cases to demonstrate exactly how much of a total effin' hypocritical cynical jackass pragmatic he is.

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