Thursday, January 27, 2005

Topsy Turvy

Dave G. and I had lunch today and I mentioned this article to him. I couldn't remember where I'd seen it first, but Gordon at Alternate Brain linked it today. Gordon registers some consternation that he's agreeing with conservatives. It's indeed a topsy survy world. Especially when the particular article written by the particular conservative is published in ZNet, the online version of the house organ of the actual far left(indeed there is one, Virginia, but you won't find it at The Center For American Progress). Yeah, that ZNet, where Chomsky blogs. It certainly is a cause for one to look at one's political affiliations and ask ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?

Roberts' critique of the current state of the conservative movement is sensible. Even his beef with liberalism clearly stems from a reasoned viewpoint. But I'll have to take issue with the whole "strategic blunder" critique of the war itself. It's worse.

In the above linked article(registration required), Kaplan documents the growing rift between a democratic Iraq in the abstract and Iraq in reality. And why is anyone shocked? The policies enacted by the CPA were not concomitant with reality in the first place. They were part and parcel of the ideology at work, not in response to facts on the ground. Kaplan was a supporter of the war, but he, like so many others didn't seem to understand what would be the consequences of letting ideologues attempt to build a nation. Strategic blunder? Try moral failing, with escalating human costs.

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