Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Shame 'em into Maimin'

So my friend just forwarded me an e-mail from one of his wingnut friends. The rails against opposition to specifically profiling young male Muslims at the airport. If you have wingnut friends, you've probably seen it too.

After I replied to my friend's e-mail, Yahoo's "message sent" page popped up, as usual. I noticed the advertisement that came up with the page:

"Service is one of the many ways we show commitment to our country. Air Force Reserve."

That's right, "we" show commitment to "our" country. Can you guess the race of the serviceman in the picture?

Pretty effin' somber. I can't believe they've sunk to fingerwagging as a recruiting strategy. What happened to all those rad Army of One commercials with dudes jumping out of airplanes and shit? Guess that doesn't work anymore now that there's no hiding from recruits what they're really in for (hint: the armed forces are not always like an early 1990s Mountain Dew commercial). Maybe they should just say, "Wouldn't you be proud to to have a flag on your casket? I bet that kid who used to push you around in middle school won't have a flag on his casket."

Sounds like the ad software got the gist of the message my friend forwarded me. I know I don't get recruitment ads after I send e-mails to Planned Parenthood.

At least the advertisement seems to be targeting the wingnuts, who I'm sure are in lines around the block at the recruitment office already.

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