Monday, December 06, 2004

Push-Me Pull-You

Yeah, sometimes watching this administration is like seeing that two headed llama from the original Doctor Dolittle. Everything's going fine in Iraq, and we're winning the war on terror, but then, via Raw Story there's this. We've lost the battle for hearts and minds in Iraq. Of course, the conclusion drawn is not that we totally screwed up the occupation, but that we just didn't do a good enough job selling the Iraqis on the idea that we're killing them and blowing up their houses for their own good. ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME? Leave it to ShrubCo to put abject policy failures down to ineffective salesmanship. Maybe if the Muslim World just read more Tom Friedman...

Nota Bummer: As Roger Ailes notes, The Washington Post had the story(scroll down), but in the ombudsman's section. Given the real-life sacrifices over 1200 Americans have made on behalf of ShrubCo, and one of the major justifications for that sacrifice was to win the hearts and minds, you'd think such an admission of failure might warrant a slightly more public airing.)