Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I Scream For Dean

There's been lots of talk on the Dem partisan blogs about who will head up the DNC. Evidently Howard Dean is considering a run, and is considered the early front runner. This piece in The Hill claims the race will go much like the presidential primaries.

I haven't offered much in the way of commentary about this. Although I was a huge Democratic supporter this time around and I'm a registered Democrat(becuase in Maryland, even Republicans are registered Democrats), I'm not a Big D Partisan. I'm not very interested in the insider component of party politics, unless it's in Baltimore - we have a great old fashioned Machine Politics here which makes for great entertainment even if policy wise it's horrific - because I don't care about the party, I care about the ideas it expresses.

As any regular reader of this blog knows, I was a Clark supporter in the presidential primaries. I thought he would make a great president. I didn't like Dean for the job. He was a charismatic demagogue, in love with his own voice. I don't think people like that should be in government, they should be on television. Or they should perform the function he did - acting as a change agent and mobilizing people who wouldn't otherwise be mobilized. It is in this repsect that I think he'd be a fantastic head of the DNC. I think his dual commitments to grass roots organizing and a strong message are the perfect tonic to what the party has been doing since Clinton. The party needs a strong message, and it needs a rank and file, and Dean understands this.

I also love what he's been doing with DFA. The meetups, the community involvment, the sponsoring of candidates way down on the ballot - all of this is stuff the Right has been doing for years, and it works. I think DFA is far more relevant than the party itself, so I'm screamin' for Dean as head of the DNC. It's the right job for him, and he's the right man for the job.