Tuesday, November 16, 2004

You Want Values? We Got'em!

So yeah. For some reason it's been a "big ideas" weekend, so we've instituted a "core values" program(as you might have noticed from Dave G.'s splendid articulations this weekend and yesterday). With that in mind, we beg your indulgence for some bad philosophy on my end.

The function of government, at least as far as I see it would be twofold, and I'd like to take it straight outta that old socialist tract (no, I am not effin' kidding you, it is a socialist tract, despite what Hastert and Delay and all those seriously perveted hacks pretend) the Pledge Of Allegiance. Specifically this part: "With liberty and justice for all." (Emphasis mine).

You want values? Those are mine. You can't have one without the other without some form of tyranny, so you need them both, and you need to ensure both for everyone. So it follows that the purpose of government is to ensure one without endangering the other, and vis versa. Anyone who has a problem with that is, well, un-American.

We thank you for your indulgence.