Wednesday, November 03, 2004

M-m-m-m-m.... MORALS?!?!?!

Where the eff did this story come from? I mean, really. All the media talked about up to the election, as far as "primary reasons" for voting go (and really, does anyone rank their reasons for voting? do you?), was terrorism, Iraq, and the economy. Gay marriage was just a wedge issue to get bigo--er, underrepresented conservatives out to the polls, but people were really voting about terrorism, Iraq, and the economy. That was the story. Don't tell me it wasn't. You saw the pie graph in every newspaper: 20% terrorism, 21% Iraq, 22% economy.

Now it's the "morals" election? Just like that? Bill Bennett congratulates himself in print, just like he does everyday, and suddenly it's a "morals" election?

And where are they getting this data on morals? EXIT POLLS?!? ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?!? How can you have one story that says "Exit Polls Blow It Out Ass, Will Never Be Used Again" sitting right next to a story that says "Exit Polls Show Election Was A Referendum On Morals"? H-h-h-h-how?!

I know one thing. My morals are offended watching these jackasses gloat. Nothing offends my sensibilities more than a circle jerk involving 55,000,000 people, even if Karl Rove is in the middle.