Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Yet more Sin Lair

It feels a bit powerless being less than a mile from the headquarters and not being able to do much to effect their decision.

Wait, wait, I realized that not everyone here reads all the other blogs on the blogroll, so, quick context: Sinclair Broadcasting is a media company owning some 62 television stations nation wide. They are located right here in Hunt Valley. Their CEO, David D. Smith was arrested in 1996 in a sting for getting a blowjob from a prostitute on Falls Road. The company is owned by Smith and two of his brothers, and they are avid Republican donors. They have gotten certain contracts for their generosity. Earlier this year they forbid their ABC affiliates from broadcasting Ted Koepel reading the names of all the soldiers who had died in Iraq up to that point. Now the are forcing their affiliates to broadcast some crazy piece of propaganda produced by the same people who brought you Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. One of the reps has been on CNN comparing the major news networks to holocaust deniers.

However, all us Baltimoreans can help stop this abuse of media privilege by calling the local businesses listed here and following the instructions here .