Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Speak English or be a Talk Radio Host

So Michael Weiner(Savage), three time loser, talk radio host, and general moron heads up the Paul Revere Society, which is concerned with taking back our borders, culture and language. I'm not sure who he thinks took them, but he wants to take them back all the same. This little quote from his show just pretty much says it all as far as that goes. Note to moron: IF YOU'RE SO CONCERNED WITH THE LANGUAGE, YOU MIGHT WANT TO LEARN TO SPEAK IT FIRST. Dipshit.

This post will begin my new theme of "candy ass bitches on the right". Every single one of the right wing talk radio guys is an abject failure in the system they advocate. They have no skills other than their big mouths and even bigger asses to offer the marketplace, so they get on the effin' radio and talk boatloads of garbage. It's like affirmative action for the weak minded and skill-free. My new project is to call every single one of these shows at least five times a week and ask them why they haven't brought me my effin' pizza yet. I respectfully ask you to join me.