Friday, September 17, 2004

christ, what a day

Who's up for a case of Boh?

Oh yeah, just to get my "third culture" bona fides up and all:

I didn't give a fuck about Monica. Every time I heard Henry Hyde's voice on NPR, I immediately thought of this guy at my church who got sent up for child molestation. Plus, I was too busy shipping product. I didn't give a fuck about what CNN and NPR told me about Florida - once it became contested, you knew who was going to win anyway, and in any case I was too busy shipping product. I don't give a fuck about Dan Rather, liberal media bias, the Killian Memos or the whole "the blogosphere is changing the media landscape!" horseshit. If I had a nickel for every time I heard some stupid wannabe "we are the future!" platitude from some poseur with an asymmetrical hipster haircut, a pair of Converse and a "tech savvy outlook" back in SF, I would not only own all the bandwidth these assholes use, I'd have a personal security force large enough to hunt them all down and put them in the private prison I'd own with the change I didn't spend on the security force. It would be called "SuperMoronMax". This blog, of course, is totally unique. Dan Rather has never spoken to me or for me, and more often than not has insulted my intelligence, but I still don't like the Bush presidency any more than I did before this garbage went down. I'm not a liberal, I hate you just the way you are. My dog just died, and I'm too busy shipping product.

You think the media marginalizes YOUR point of view? ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?


PS. The self imposed curse-word ban is hereby lifted, at least for today.