Saturday, September 18, 2004

some things we might all agree on...

Anyone sick and tired of the pure illogic of the bias critique? Me too. Bias isn't measurable, because in order to measure something, you have to have objective criteria by which to measure, and NONE of the bias crowd has managed to provide that, especially since bias is a subjective phenomena. You can argue all day and all night that media is obviously "biased" and I can argue right back all day and all night that you are obviously "a moron" and we don't get anywhere, because they are both subjective arguments. "But I'm right and you're a jerk!" you might reply. Well, I would only be able to respond in kind, and eventually we will come to blows, and since I've got a better left than anything you can throw at me, you will fall down and cry like a little baby. Then you will go home and get your gun and shoot me. And where does all this violence get us? You look like a sissy and I look like a corpse. Hurray!

The same people who complain about media bias are the same folks who want the wisdom of the market to decide what succeeds and what fails. So HEY, DIPSHITS if you don't like the news, exercise your market freedoms and CHANGE THE FREAKIN' CHANNEL, QUIT BUYING THE PAPERS THAT REPORT NEWS YOU DON'T LIKE. And for eff's sake quit complaining about the supposed bias of the media. Be entrepreneurial, start your own damn magazines, newspapers, TV stations - oh wait. You're the ones who wanted to lease the airwaves to major conglomerates so you CAN'T start you're own TV station. Oops, this is what's the matter with Kansas(and every place effin' else).

This was supposed to be a thoughtful post. Damn. Anyway, the real reason this post got started is because Andrew Sullivan - whom I've not been able to stand since well before blogging was in vogue(and no, I'm not trying to do a SullyWatch, but there's a reason they're first on my blogroll) - wrote something today about not being able to trust Iraq body count because their "biases are blatant", or something. I'm sick and tired of people saying just because a political bias may exist in certain reportage, it means that people forget how to count. I mean, if Ann Coulter were to suddenly write that in order to prove an assertion the premises must first be true and also 2+2=4, I'd be forced to agree with her, despite the fact that everything else she says is complete garbage. Once we get into the bias argument on things like this, you may as well forget reasoned discourse - which I gather may be the point of the bias critique anyway. The bias critique is the first refuge of the tiny tiny lazy mind, because you don't have to do the grunt work of investigating the quality of the sources, the quality of the reasoning, or the quality of the arithmetic. So the next time someone complains about bias, just say, "Hey, lazybones, ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?". And then hit them with a strong left. They won't be expecting that either.