Tuesday, January 30, 2007

conservative political correctness

Political correctness, once deferential to minorities and easily lampooned as the busywork of ism-ized faculty committees, began to change with the election of George W. Bush and was totally redefined after 9/11.

John Podhoretz perfeectly exemplifies this changing of the guard, taking a lazy swipe at a Johns Hopkins history professor whose sin was to suggest pursuing terrorists with "coolness, resolve, and stamina."

And now we have Cpl. Joshua Starling. The man lost part of his leg in Ramadi, and now shameless wingnutters are parading the gasbag--and his father--all over the media, knowing that he's untouchable. Who would dare assail a man who served so honorably?

Well, assail him we should. We can praise his sacrifice on the battlefield without having to suffer his father's spastic mendacity in civilian life. We certainly don't have to take each of his extremely suspect words as gospel truth. To do so would be to give in to political correctness, supposedly the bane--and apparently now the shield--of all reactionary charlatans and professional chest-beaters, especially the ones who pick and choose their veterans.

Any suggestions for the new "nuke the gay baby whales for Jesus"?

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