Sunday, January 28, 2007

ad urbinem attack

A Hopkins professor dares to put 9/11 in perspective, and John Podhoretz at National Review not only oversimplifies the piece through conservative-style political correctness, but slams him just for being from the same city as Nancy Pelosi and Divine. This, from an Upper West Side snickerdoodle whose sole redeeming feature is that he seems to surpass the combined nepotistical credibility of Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg.

Jay adds: If Podhoretz means to imply that Baltimore (population 650k) is a bigger freak parade than Manhattan, I think the least we can say is "Thank you!" It's especially nice he credits Baltimore with Divine, because unlike Nancy Pelosi (who is from Baltimore), Divine is from Towson and did his teenage years in Lutherville* (where he met John Waters). From this data, one could be tempted to draw conclusions about what living in a Brooksian Paradise does to the minds of sensitive teens, but that'd be as silly as looking to John Podhoretz for a rational argument.

* Saying someone from Baltimore County is "from Baltimore" is sort of like saying someone from White Plains is from the Bronx.

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