Tuesday, November 07, 2006

one advantage of living in a homogenous political bubble like New York

No robocalls.

An Ohio woman, who did not leave her name, called The Washington Post in tears yesterday, saying she could not keep her phone line open to hospice workers caring for her terminally ill mother because of nonstop political robo-calls.

If you are inured to the putrescent, feces-spattering carcass that our electoral pageant has become and think robocalling couldn't be that bad simply because the Republicans are being so brazen about it, try to remember 2002. That's when Allen Raymond and the New Hampshire Republicans jammed the phone lines of a Democratic get-out-the-vote operation. Allen Raymond got five months in prison, where I'm sure the "opposition party" jammed his "phone line" but good. They released him from prison on May 31, presumably making room for the very people he helped elect.

If you're receiving robocalls, give the company responsible for their production a ring and let them know how much you appreciate their work. That would be Conquest Communications of Richmond, VA. You can reach them at 804-358-0560.

If the Democrats win both houses back tomorrow, see if you can trace the smell of the carcass as it migrates from Capitol Hill to K Street. The GOP doesn't want to lose Congress, but I can't imagine its individual candidates will be that disappointed to lose their seats. Once they become lobbyists, they'll just be doing the exact same thing, but making a lot more money doing it.

Get out there, hold your nose, and vote!

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