Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Republican slimeballs

Allen Raymond was sentenced to 5 months in prison today.

"Your honor, I did a bad thing," he said, according to the Associated Press. "While what I did was outside my character, I take full responsibility for my actions."

Raymond took money from New Hampshire Republicans in 2002 and jammed the phone lines of a Democratic get-out-the-vote organization. This means he's a P.O.S., and I hope the rest of his goons follow him to jail.

And today Joseph Steffen, another Republican slimeball, resigned after a Post reporter came to his door of printouts of posts he had made to freerepublic. com propogating a rumor that Baltimore Mayor O'Malley was cheating on his wife. He apologized after he was caught.

P. O. S.

Remember those kids when you were younger who'd get caught doing something and their parents would march them off to apologize, and they'd say, "I'm sorry, m'am" with their fingers crossed behind their backs? That's this guy. Effin slimeball.

For more stomach-turning episodes of Republican cretinism, check the November 2004 Atlantic.

Some attribute the recent string of Democratic failures to Karl Rove's wizardry. As low as my expectations of all politicians are, I have to say that the Republicans have moved into first place in the race toward complete barbarism.

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