Thursday, January 05, 2006

George W. Bush Cannot Be Trusted With National Security

A regular reader emailed to tell me I need to be more concise. Hence the title. It's a bald statement and deserves some justification. For that, check out his latest recess appointments and note that Julie Myers is now head of the branch of DHS in charge of what amounts to border security - you know, making sure people who don't belong here - like Al Qaeda members - don't get here, especially if they are carrying things - like small nuclear weapons - that we'd prefer not be here. ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME? (and we promise never to link to Malkin again). This is political cronyism (and arguably nepotism), and the job is way too important for that. By making this appointment the President demonstrates that, for this administration, homeland security is a joke. When the choice is "reward a crony or stick a finger in the eyes of perceived enemies in congress (politics)" or "appoint someone competent using the standard channels (doing the job)" he picks the first option. Do you really want someone who thinks security is at best just another political tool and at worst a joke to have the power to subvert existing laws, promise to re-interpret laws he signs (link via the Poorman) and protect the nation? Eff no.

I don't know about anyone else, but I think Jr. has sat at the grown-ups table for too long. It's far past his bedtime and he keeps supping at the wine and throwing tantrums. Send him back to the playroom where he can't hurt anyone (including himself) anymore. Oh yeah, and vote Clark in 2008.

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