Monday, December 05, 2005

Shots Fired In The War On Christmas!

We here at RUFNKM hate Christmas so much that 4/7s of the staff (and the spouse of another) braved the sudden Sunday temperature drop to attend the Mayor's Christmas Parade. The original plan involved standing on Falls Road drinking cups of hot spiced rum, striking elitist disaffected poses, and screaming "Bah, Humbug!" and "Boo Sucks To Your Corporate Sponsored Celebration of Religious Oppression!" at everything that passed - especially the high school marching bands and the Charm City Roller Girls because we effin' hate those (especially the CCRG, because among their number is miss jaynieinbmore and there's nothing that makes us more livid than significant others getting more attention than us) - but the plans fell through. Instead, we had coffee and Bailey's, cans of Guiness, and a grand old time. Digital pictures were snapped and solemn pledges were made to blog the event.

I've got a bunch of pics to pull off the camera (including some rough and tumble action from the CCRG), but I did manage to get few uploaded in real time. These few are from some of my favorite parts of the parade.

As one friend of RUFNKM put it last year, "The reason the steppers effin' rule is because they are just awesome at what they do, are incredibly talented and don't make any stupid camp statements to justify their existence. And they are so totally Baltimore. They aren't cool because John Waters said so, and they aren't cool because they're rich kids being clever. They just effin' rock!"

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