Sunday, October 02, 2005

'effin Clinton!


Remember a while ago I wrote a post about my cousin the navy pilot? We talked about the "liberal vs. patriot" theme?

Well, he got married this weekend and we went to his wedding. So did many Navy people. They're all very nice, some of their minds, however, are filled with nonsense.

My brother, the best man, was in the limo with the other groomsmen when he heard this gem from a pilot:

"Well, if Clinton had the balls to finish the job he started in Iraq, we wouldn't be in this mess now!"

My brother said something to the effect of "Clinton wasn't president during the gulf war."

"Sure was! Bush's father had to come in and clean up his mess."

My brother smiled sadly and enlisted the help of another groomsman, a 20 year Army man (a good friend and liberal who'd rolled his eyes when the first remark was made). Together they managed to convince the guy that Daddy Bush was president at the time. It took some work, but they finally made the timeline connect

This is the kind of ignorance the GOP thrives upon.

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