Friday, September 30, 2005

Pups Over Politics

So my girlfriend, my dog and I were at the local coffee shop (Common Ground) and as I was paying I noticed a sandy-haired middle aged man standing next to me. He had on a blue blazer, tan pants, glasses, and a bow-tie. He asked the girl behind the counter "What are these lovely pillow shaped pasteries?" and I pinned him as George F. Will, or at least a dead ringer for him. Many people consider this man to be a conservative political hack who's books about baseball are OK. I haven't read any of his baseball books.

We sat down to drink our coffe and eat our bagels. He sat at a table close to the exit. As we left we passed him and I was going to mutter something about "right wing schills" when my dog jumped up and put her front paws in his lap. He immediately started to rub her face and scratch her chest and started to coo: "OoooOoo. Who's da widdle puppy? I wuv puppies and your a good puppy aren't you?" He continued in this schmoopy vein for a few seconds more and then complimented me on my pretty dog. I could only laugh, say "thanks", and get out the door as fast as I good manage without seeming like I was making a hasty exit. How do you start a political argument with someone who has just been schmoopy to your dog? It's just heartless and rude.

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