Thursday, September 01, 2005

What's The Matter With Louisiana?

This post at Democracy Arsenal has me shaking my fist. No, it's not a "Blame W for the disaster" post. It's a bit more subtle than that. It points out the total failure of the extreme-tax-cuts/"let the market handle it" ideology when it comes to disasters of this scale. To make a sick pun, in this case a rising tide didn't lift any boats; it drowned an entire region. Situations like this are exactly what a "big government" is for.

Update: Today is another day when The Moose needs to start grazing in the field of reality. Instead of asking for, you know, some competent crisis managment, he bemoans the lack of a "Giuliani-type figure". ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME? He's saying, in essence, that instead of capable people managing the crisis, what we really need is good symbolic TV presence. Yeah, that'll help. To be fair, later in the post he does make at least a little effort at some policy proposals. But basically his suggestion is something that a competent congress should be doing all the effin' time.

Fair and Balanced Update: There are also other lefty blogs making some sort of "failure of leadership" point, and those are just as lame. We have a failure of policy. Leadership is effin' secondary.


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