Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Nattering Nabob

Our pal Gordon at the Brain admits to being disconcerted with his agreement with Herr Buchanan in the generalities, if not the particulars of impeaching Dear Leader Shrubya - and I promise that's the last link we'll ever give to Human Events Online.

I remember how, in the early years of the anti-globalization movement, being stung by Pat's favor was shocking for us too. We realized then, as we should all realize now - unlike a certain fat, balding, drink soaked ex-Trotskyist who in his anti-Clinton fervor appeared at Freeper gatherings with Ann Coulter because he would, in his own words "take what I can get" - that the enemy of our enemy is not our friend. If Pat's all I can get, I'll be happy with nothing. I'm all for consensus building and finding common ground, but even pretending we're even in the same volume - never mind on the same page - with a pandering xenophobic phoney (remember the "Lock-n-Load!" hooey, when he'd never held a gun?) is a losing proposition.

Now if I were Yglasias I'd offer bemused wonderings on what manner of precedent Pat hopes to set by using impeachment as a political cattle-prod. But I'm not, so I won't.

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