Thursday, June 23, 2005

It's Official

Karl Rove hates liberals more than he hates the terrorists.

Update: I dig this post at Sisyphus Shrugged.

Update: This one's a multiple. One, guess who's the bigger man? Yeah, you know. Second, Rove is lying. Conservatives got on television and said America got what it deserved. Third, you know what else gets played on Al Jezerra? "Bring'em on." Fourth, what the eff is he talking about here? When asked about the Downing Street Memo he talks about post war planning. That makes effin' sense. Didn't they used to call this "spin"?

I will say this, though. The Democratic Party could sure learn a few things from these guys. Durbin has to tearfully apologize because members of his own party are too lame to stick by him, whereas Karl just gets to keep on spoutin' with a hearty "gung ho!" from his fellow travelers. Nice racket they got going.

Update: Also, read John(not Juan) Cole.

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