Thursday, June 16, 2005


Some days ago, on this very blog, someone wrote:

For myself I'm glad I'll never have more than blogospheric access to, say, Wes Clark, because when he does finally say something idiotic I'll feel totally free to say so.

Some people might think the occaision has arisen. Although I don't share Brilliant At Breakfast's opinion - that in some way this is an act of treason - the news is a little worrisome. It's worrisome because Fox expects one (or a combination) of two things from Democrats. Either Democrats are supposed to be milquetoasts like Colmes, or they're supposed to answer for, or justify, other Democrats - preferably critically. The game on Fox is just rigged that way. I hope would Our General is smart enough and tough enough not to fall into either trap. A major problem for Wes is that his views on Iraq are sensible, but nuanced, and there isn't room for that on Fox. Take heart, though. Viewers of "Outfoxed" ought to know; when it comes to military affairs Fox will fire anyone who is insufficiently gung-ho about Bush policy. So it's quite possible Clark will get fired in six weeks anyway. I'll just say I wish him luck and hope he can "get the message out" with his new, uh, bullhorn.

In any case, before you write him off I think maybe some of these people might be worth some of your attention.

Update: And since we're being all self-referential, we should note that another perspective is provided as RJ's Harley pulls up at Skippy.

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