Wednesday, June 29, 2005

And Regarding That Speech

The often infuriating, occaisionally right on, and always worth a read Moose has it just about right.

Update: Democracy Arsenal has a report card with which I agree. Points 5 through 8 are of special note, although I don't think you can really accuse the President of not having a plan to win. He does: Keep doing whatever it is we're doing and not tell anyone what it actually is(did this remind anyone else of Nixon?). I think the argument, in all seriousness, is "is 'keep doing what we're doing' really the plan to win?" Leave aside that the administration and its cheerleaders like Hitch and Sullivan - I pick them because they seem to have the most certainty about what the "Iraq Project" actually means to Iraqis and the world, as opposed to Coulter or Limbaugh who really only care about how this makes Republicans look - can only manage to define "winning" as "not failing"(to do what exactly?). It's difficult to ignore the failure of the current plan to lead to more politics and less bloodshed.

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