Friday, May 06, 2005

Game On!

I want to know the odds. The memo itself is sort of old news - by blogtopian standards. However, there's a bit of fumbling on the right. I want to know the odds that someone at LGF will scream "Forgery!" passing the buck to Powerline who will "analyze" it as such, at which point Reynolds or Sullivan will link to it and in high thoughtful tones say "Well, it certainly appears there's a possiblity that the memo is a forgery. My college degree says it's likely." At what point does the story become "is it a forgery?"

The current excuse that "We didn't go to Iraq for WMD!!!! We went for purple fingers!!!" isn't going to fly much longer is it? I listened Powel's speech at the UN - granted, I was at a liquor store, so my memory might be a little hazy - but it seemed he was presenting evidence of WMD programs, not evidence of Saddam's tyranny, in order to get a UN resolution. Besides, WMD not being the "only reason" doesn't change the fact that the evidence was, in the best sense exaggerated, in the worst sense fabricated. I wonder why? Weren't there plenty of Americans who would have said "Yes, go!" just because Bush said we had to? Well, I guess the same people who are saying "WMD wasn't the reason!" are the same people who didn't need a reason other than Bush's desire anyway.

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