Thursday, April 28, 2005

Yeah, We Know

Someone is giving a press conference tonight. If you want our critique, just wait till he says a complete sentence, gaze at the screen in disbelief, and scream "ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?" Guarantee that's all you'll need. But this (from Think Progress) needs to be highlighted.

Though President Bush has announced that tonight’s press conference will be on Social Security and energy, the press certainly will not limit their questions to those two topics. However, there is one question we are unlikely to hear: Why are you ignoring the ongoing genocide in Darfur?

If someone does ask, well, I'll wear my "I'm A Big Fat Jerk" hat all around the Capitol tomorrow(because I'm going to be there anyway). And I'll wear my "Holy Eff! I Heart Our President" shirt if he outlines a plan to stop it.

Update: Holy Eff! He said something with which I totally agree!

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