Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Not In My Effin' Backyard Either

Fixer at Alternate Brain has an excellent (and excellently titled, if I may say so) post about the administration's quest for nukular power; as in they want to make more of it. Fixer's point that the cost+danger/benefit ratio is a little high in post 9-11 terms is right on. However, one thing hasn't been pointed out. Once again the administration is hoping a crisis (this time oil prices) will scare the public into accepting a set of half-baked proposals that have been part of its agenda from the begining. Dick Cheney, in 2001,said new nuclear power deserved a "fresh look" (check the love he sends France too). This is the m.o. of the administration. They don't address a crisis until it's too late(or they manufacture one). Then they dust off an old proposal that wasn't sensible the first time they brought it out and hope the public swallows it. Nice racket. It's hardly what I'd call governing, though.

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