Wednesday, March 09, 2005

From A Waffle Into A Pancake

I've spent an awful lot of time oscilating between misguided idealist, incompetent, and evil when it comes to how I feel about Paul Wolfowitz. Reading this over at Sullywatch pretty much pins it at "evil". What's most relevent to the Sullywatch peoople (and taking a cue from Hitchens - two columns in a row on cliche-elmination? ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?), can we please please please do away with this horrible cliche' that never applies to anyone on whom it's used) is that Sullivan uses the term "unimpeachable integrity" in conjunction with Wolfowitz. And we have to second their objection with an ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME? Why is it we as a society have such a yen to bestow the honor of the term on public officials when it is in those exact people it is clearly the rarest of element? Especially a guy like Wolfowitz.

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