Wednesday, March 09, 2005

For Immediate Release: New Baltimore Based Public Policy Thinktank

Ever watched C-SPAN or cable news or listened to NPR and heard "analysis" on issues of the day from some talking head or other? Ever noticed that often times said talking head is described as a "Senior Fellow from the (insert the pretentious name of some partisan thinktank or other), a non-partisan research group dedicated to (insert neutral terminology meant to disguise bitter partisansan agenda here)"? Well, we here at RUFNKM have. We've also grown resentful of the new class of pundits - those who are granted spiffy-sounding titles like "Senior Fellow" and given lots of money to flack for various causes. Think-tanks are welfare for the over-educated, under-talented but politically motivated. But those titles do connote a depth of knowledge and a certain air of gravitas. In short, we're jealous, and we want the excuse to pull down loads of cash and get on TV. Also, last night Klipper mentioned he'd prefer the left use blogs for proactive organization.

To that end, we're forming a new thinktank ["More like drunk tank, you pretentious jerks!" sayeth the editor], and granting ourselves the titular and media relations perks that accompany it. In other words, we're pleased to announce the formation of Americans Yearning for Effective Kindness Managment, a Baltimore based, non-partisan, blog-centric public policy thinktank. We are dedicated to promoting the managment of effective forms of kindness.

Our top staff of premier researchers includes the following Senior Fellows:

  • disappearingink - Senior Research Fellow in High and Low Culture. Also supplies the wine and cheese.

  • Jo Momma - Senior Research Fellow in Education Policy. Also supplies the cider.

  • Dave G - Senior Research Fellow in Social Policy and Cuisine. He also supplies the good beer.

  • Klipper - Senior Research Fellow in Natural Resource Utilization. Will drink whatever you're serving, but prefers good scotch.

  • jayinbmore - Senior Research Fellow in Technology Policy. What? Only a 12 pack of Natty Boh? Are you people insane?

We are all available for commentary in all media formats. If you wish us to appear on a broadcast, do not hesitate to drop us an email. We are also available for speaking engagments, but for these we have a list of requirements and larger fees.

We are also offering a limited number of Adjunct Fellowships! If you are an expert in your field and feel it is a "good fit" with our policy aims, please leave your name and a description of your research area in the comments section. Thanks!

Update: Congratulations are due to Price at Now I Don't Want To Get Off On A Rant Here... on his induction! He is now an Adjunct Senior Fellow in Christology, Conservatology and Black&Tan consuption. Please join us in saying "Welcome Aboard!"

Update II: Congratulations are also due to Benn Ray on his induction! He is now an Adjunct Senior Fellow in the field of Xerox-based Publications, Smut and Offensive Comix. He is also a Bourbonologist.

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