Friday, January 14, 2005

Value Size Me

E. J. Dionne has a nice summary of Ted Kennedy's speech yesterday - a speech that has generated a bit of commentary in the blogosphere. Yesterday I listened to it streamed from C-SPAN, but the fact that he talks funny made it difficult for me to understand him, so I didn't get all of it. Specifically, when he says Vahlyoos, I think he's talking about some sort of Swedish candy(I didn't figure out what he was really saying till I read Dionne's column). Ok, IMFNKY.

I really really like the suprisingly novel notion that liberals have Values. I guess that's the part of the Religious Right critique of American Culture that has always made me ask, ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME? All of the examples of the decline of our culture that are blamed on liberals and their lack of values can more accurately be placed at the feet of the market. The Culture Industry is for the most part agnostic as to what it produces, as long as it's consumed in high volume. If people stopped buying, they'd stop trying to sell it. I've never quite understood how that's FDR's (or Bill Clinton's) fault.

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