Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Science Can Wait, Democracy Now!

Good news out of Hampden(and Roland Park too). HUGE turnout here. I waited 2 hours to vote, and was quite late to work because of it(just got in). I've never had that long of a wait, and people were still pouring in. I spoke with one of the poll workers. He said that it had been busy like that since they opened at 7:00am. I asked if they'd had anyone in to "poll watch" and he said some "young Republicans came in early in the morning, but when they realized how busy it was and how hard it was going to be to challenge people, they left." Police presence has also helped, apperently. Everyone working - including the cops - were very friendly and helpful. Hope everyone else is having this kind of good fortune at the polls.

I have heard some bad things happening in both Ohio and South Dakota. This is pretty scary.