Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The People's Party Of....

Atrios has a post today about Cheney, which reminds me of something our next door neighbor said right after the RNC.

"You know, I was watching Bush's speech, and they kept panning the camera over to this fat, stone faced man who just applauded when he was supposed to and grimaced the rest of the time. And I realized what I was watching. It was an old Kremlin speech, and Cheney is really the perfect aparatchik."

Seriously, he's right. We've got a government composed of Trostskyites and Stalinists who keep getting elected by dupes who believe that 3 + 15 = 12. I knew they called them "Red States" for a reason.

Update: Actually, re-reading this makes me think some alignment of terminology is in order. When I say Trotskyite I really mean Neo-Trotskyite, which is what I use to describe the neocons, because they ain't cons. As I've said before, they've replaced the ends of Trostskyism with some weird free market ideology, but they still love the means. So hey, let's stop calling it the user friendly term neocon and start using Neo-Trotskyite.