Friday, February 25, 2005

The left or the right?


I'm Klipper. The folks here at RUFNKM have kindly agreed to let me post here, even though I’m brand-new to the blogosphere. They are very kind and I will try not to disappoint them. By way of introduction:

The left or the right?

Whose side are you on?

I’ve been thinking about what’s going on behind our backs, or above our heads, as we quibble.

In the puppet show of "the left" VS "the right" someone

is pulling all the strings. 51 companies feed ALL the tubes America sucks on for information every day. 51 companies with all the money in the world at their disposal and almost all the control in the world they need. So I wonder...? Why am I shouting over an imaginary line at myself? Who am I serving? What am I missing?

I think everyone on "the left" dutifully trying to keep up with "the right" in the urgency race or to expose them in their lopsided morality and should join me in saying "Are you 'effin kidding me?" and go take a walk in the woods or a drive in the hybrid car.

Let 'em say what they want. We can't keep up with them, they're sick, awful, miserable robots with nothing beautiful in their lives. Do you think Ann Coulter is happy? Of course not! If she gets what she thinks she wants, she will still be miserable, and then she'll die. It's sad. For her.

Let 'em 'eff up social security and ban abortion. Let 'em pass a constitutional amendment to stop "the gays" from marrying, restrict our speech and tap our phones. Until America tastes the pain "the right" will bring there will be no revolution, there will be no revelations and there will be no peace.

I say, "Bring it on!" Do it now before too many people who have nothing to lose "proliferate" nuclear weapons. Do it before Yosemite gets paved to make room enough to launch a Wal-Mart into space. Do it for peace and so our children have somewhat of a good earth on which to live.

Happy Birthday Jinbmore!

See ya'!