Monday, September 29, 2008

Effin' Main Street

How many times have you heard it since last week?

"What about Main Street?"

On the radio. On the TV.

Fox news. NPR.

From the mouths of politicians and pundits alike.

Main street. Main street. What about Main Street?

In my liberal world I've heard it from at least 3 different NPR hosts and SEVERAL guests. I've heard it on MSNBC and CNN. Seen Pelosi say it. Seen Obama say it. McCain, Reid, etc. I've read it in the papers and even seen it in the blogosphere.

Makes me think the whole freaking country needs to reread Politics of the English Language and pay special attention to the part about stale metaphors, similes, and idioms saving much mental effort and partially concealing your meaning even from yourself.

No one has any idea what anyone is talking about.

This whole pretty little facade America has been cuddled up inside of is about to turn into a festering caldera of all our bad intentions, occasionally erupting to spew back upon us the unhealthy remains of our thoughtlessness, greed, and apathy - and the only thing every idiot in the government and media can think to say is, "What about Main Street?"

I think we deserve a Depression. I'm not looking forward to it and I certainly don't wish it upon us but I think we deserve it.

We deserve it for letting the Supreme Court choose the president 8 years ago.

For becoming cowards in the wake of 9/11, afraid to stand up to our government and succumbing to fear.

For fighting amongst ourselves like we were told to do.

For slapping a -gate on the end of every scandal (think stale metaphor)and either ignoring it or not fighting hard enough to fix it.

For idly watching a handful of politicians and corporations systematically deconstruct everything America has worked and fought so hard to build.

Nobody cares about Main Street.

Eff Main Street.