Friday, September 07, 2007

For God's Sakes Chuck, Please Get In The Race

Chuck Hagel will make a definitive announcement on Monday about his future plans: go for a third term as a Senator, go for the presidency, or go back to Omaha and live out the rest of his life in retirement at golf courses and steakhouses . I will admit: I have been a closet supporter of a potential Bloomberg/Hagel ticket for the past few months (I cannot stand the thought of either Rudy or Hillary in office), but I don't think that is going to happen. And as much as I would like it, I don't think he will throw his hat in the ring for the presidency either. I would love to be wrong on this.

I think the most likely option now is that he will run again for another term in the Senate, or opt for the retirement line. In either case, its likely he might be fingered for a future cabinet position in 2008 in my opinion.

The Monday announcement is a bit strange because it will fall a few days after Fred's announcement, and the week of the Petraeus hearings. On Tuesday, Chuck and the rest of the Senate Foreign Relations committee are scheduled to hear Petraeus too.

EDIT: Hagel will announce his retirement on Monday. I still think this sets him up for a cabinet position (in a democratic administration) as Secretary of State or Defense. If so, it would probably be a good thing as he would be more effective in that role.

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