Thursday, May 11, 2006

Never Say Anything

Well that's one way to react. I've fallen into the "too terrified for words" camp myself. At least the Bull Moose has another opportunity to chastise the left-wing-fever-swamp / unserious-civil-libertarians for hating the President so much they'd sacrifice an important strategic advantage. Plus he'll get the bonus opportunity to praise corporate America for its brave patriotism for contributing bravely to the War on Terror. I think I can probably write his blog posts for him now, except it's not obvious what he'd say about this. Oh wait, yeah it is. Something about how policy elites (shorthand for "people who know what they are talking about") do not understand the seriousness of the serious war in which we are seriously engaged and should take it more seriously by either shutting up or agreeing with the President. That's what Teddy Roosevelt would want.

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